Commercial Pest Control

Pest Worx has you covered for all your commercial pest control needs. Pest Worx’s owner, Neville Collins, has over 25 years of experience in commercial pest control; we have you covered for all common pests affecting your commercial premises. We offer tailored approaches to commercial pest management with integrated pest management plans designed to meet your needs. Our pest control methods comply with industry standards and are flexible to minimise any disruption.

Commercial businesses we have extensive experience in pest control for golf clubs, restaurants, hospitality, warehouses, factories, mining, cemeteries, real estate, farming, and more. We comply with all health and safety regulations required by your commercial premises. Whether it’s a large or small job, we’re here to help.

Invertebrate Pests

Invertebrate Pest Control includes wasps, fleas, webbing spiders, ants, cockroaches, insects, beetles, mites and millipedes. Examples of this include;

Wasps & Bees
wasps & bees pest control

European wasps and feral bees are common nuisance to residential homes. Pest Worx executes European wasp and feral bee control in common areas, such as chimneys, wall cavities and roof voids.

fleas pest control

Fleas are a common pest in Australia, with the cat flea being the most common species. Pest Worx completes flea control in residential premises and pet centres.


Silverfish cause problems across many homes, as they cause damage to clothing, stored food, and books. Pest Worx controls silverfish to battle an ongoing infestation in your property.

cockroaches pest control

There are around 450 species of cockroaches in Australia. Pest Worx works with controlling cockroaches found in residential premises and commercial kitchens.

ants pest control

Ants are a problem for residential areas as they commonly enter homes in the search for food or water. Pest Worx controls ants found travelling through gaps in floors and windows, wall cavities, basements, etc.

spiders pest control

Webbing spiders can be a problem around children and pets. Pest Worx offers control and removal of webbing spiders found commonly on buildings (internal and external).

Bed Bugs
bed bugs

Bed bugs are irritating pests within homes that leave behind blood stains on bed sheets and pillowcases. Pest Worx also controls and removes these pests.

Vertebrate Pests

Common Vertebrate pests affecting commercial properties include rabbits, wild dogs, birds, feral cats, feral goats, feral stock, feral pigs, foxes, possums, deer, kangaroos and rodents. Examples of this include;

Rabbits & Hares
rabbits & hares

Rabbits and hares can cause substantial damage around buildings, cemeteries, sewage works, parks and public areas.

Feral Cats
feral cats

Feral cats kill endangered animals and commonly carry infectious diseases. At Pest Worx we remove these pests found in parks and native wetlands.

wild goats

Goats can be public nuisances and a risk to the general public. Pest Worx controls goats in environmentally sensitive areas.

Pigeons & Starlings
pigeons & starlings

Pigeons and starlings can block gutters, be a risk to public health, and leave faeces that corrode building material. Pest Worx controls for commercial premises and storage areas.

rodents pest control

Rodents (Rats and mice) are common pests in commercial areas that impose a threat of spreading diseases and spoiling stored food. Rodents can be found in roof voids and subfloor cavities.

Feral Pigs
feral pigs

Feral pigs are ‘one of Australia’s most destructive environmental and agricultural pests’ (QDER, 2012). We have extensive experience with the removal of feral pigs,

With over 25 years’ experience in the pest management industry, we look forward to supporting all your best management programs.

If you’re in need for pest control for your commercial premises, contact us for a quote. There is no job too big or small here at Pest Worx.