Residential Pest Control


Residential pest control, Pest Worx has you covered. We offer both chemical and non-chemical pest control measures that are flexible to you and your family’s needs. Our measures are designed to have maximum effect on the target species with consideration for your family, pets and household. Pest Worx caters for all Invertebrate pests in residential premises to keep your family safe.

Pest Control is based on a consistent scheduled maintenance system that indicates any small changes in pest populations. This allows for sustainable pest management to minimise pest impact long term. Chemical and non-chemical controls are used in integrated pest management programs. Safety is our priority at Pest Worx and all work is carried out in accordance with Work Health and Safety Standards using our extensive specialised training.

The following pests are a common problem to residential areas in the Central West.


Invertebrate Pests

Invertebrate Pest Control includes wasps, fleas, webbing spiders, ants, cockroaches, insects, beetles, mites and millipedes. Examples of this include;


Wasps & Bees

wasps & bees

European wasps and feral bees are common nuisance to residential homes. Pest Worx executes European wasp and feral bee control in common areas, such as chimneys, wall cavities and roof voids.


fleas pest control

Fleas are a common pest in Australia, with the cat flea being the most common species. Pest Worx completes flea control in residential premises and pet centres.


silverfish pest control

Silverfish cause problems across many homes, as they cause damage to clothing, stored food, and books. Pest Worx controls silverfish to battle an ongoing infestation in your property.


cockroaches pest control

There are around 450 species of cockroaches in Australia. Pest Worx works with controlling cockroaches found in residential premises and commercial kitchens.


ants pest control

Ants are a problem for residential areas as they commonly enter homes in the search for food or water. Pest Worx controls ants found travelling through gaps in floors and windows, wall cavities, basements, etc.


spiders pest control

Webbing spiders can be a problem around children and pets. Pest Worx offers control and removal of webbing spiders found commonly on buildings (internal and external).

Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Bed bugs are irritating pests within homes that leave behind blood stains on bed sheets and pillowcases. Pest Worx also controls and removes these pests.

If you’re in need for pest control for your residential premises, contact us for a quote. There is no job too big or small here at Pest Worx.