Weed Control

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Pest Worx has over 25 years of experience in weed control across the Central West, NSW. Weed control is a crucial part of agriculture, to control and reduce the amount of weeds that affect the flora and fauna within the property; from crops to livestock. Here at Pest Worx we care for your property as it may be your livelihood and largest asset, therefore we want to protect it from invasive weeds that can cost you thousands of dollars in the long-term.

Weed Control Safety

We comply with the Pesticides Act 1999, which is the primary legislation for the use of pesticides and herbicides in New South Wales in accordance with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This is to protect our community and environment of the Central West, NSW. Work, Health and Safety is our number one priority, we want to ensure to our customers that the health of themselves and others are cared for when we’re using pesticide. We abide by our legal responsibilities when applying pesticides and we take measures to reduce herbicide spray drift. Pest Worx takes measures to reduce spray drift that may damage sensitive areas or harm endangered/ protected species.

If your property is suffering from weeds, get in contact with us to control and reduce damaging weeds.