Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive.

Opening hours

8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment.

How regularly should I have my commercial or residential property checked for pests?

An annual pest inspection is recommended for most properties without additional industry specific requirements. This allows pest developments to be monitored and changes to be addressed proactively before bigger issues develop.

How regularly should I have my house sprayed for pests?

Residential house spraying lasts for approximately 12 months and it is recommended to be reapplied annually.

Do I have to move all the furniture in my house so it can be sprayed?

It can be helpful to move some furniture away from skirting boards, however, this is not essential.

Do I have to leave the house when work is being undertaken?

Depending on your pest management need you may need to leave the house or move to another area while spraying or the pest is removed. This varies greatly on the type of pest you’re experiencing.

I have a noise in my roof, do I have to know what it is to get assistance?

Not at all, sometimes it is best to let the professionals assess your situation. If you can listen and describe the noise or any other movements, we can narrow down the type of pest and will come around to inspect. From here we will design a solution to suit your needs.

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